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I.G.N (Minecraft Username):crepstercreeper 


Discord Username (Including the tag): trash at not being spooky#7561


Age:  13


Time Zone: pacific


How much experience do you have working on a team?:

 Not much

How well do you work with a team?: 

 Average to above average depending on the team

What building tools do you have experience with?: 

 /fill structure block

What is your preferred building tools?:


 What kind of building do you prefer most? (Ex. Organics, Terraforming, Medevial, etc):medieval


Leave us a bit of your previous work: most of the outlander nation ex:all buildings around pond, nether entrance,my unfinished castle

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crepstercreeper's application

Id like to be a builder

Extra information: please help me apply this website is kinda confusing

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