The Battle of Azazel's Cathedral.

 Started by wsman217

Starting July 1st at 12:00 PM CST we there will be an event which will last the entire month. Along with this event ranks will be on a 50% discount. During this event you will be able to warp to Azazel's Cathedral where you will battle Azazel herself. Once you defeat Azazel you will be rewarded with a shard. You will be able to use this shard to purchase cosmetics, new never before seen items, limited edition items, and crate keys. During this battle be warned that if you die you will not keep your inventory and there will also be PvP in Azazel's Cathedral so be careful not to get killed by either Azazel or another player.

By wsman217, 8 months agoLast edited: 8 months ago